Some Notes on the Data and Other Issues

  • These videos were created in June and July of 2009.  The author did his best to make them error free; however, perfection can never be achieved and there are most likely occasional errors in the videos.  If you find any or have any other comments you would like to make, please send an email to Larry Green at Lake Tahoe Community College so that they can be corrected.

  • The data in these videos is for learning of statistics and probability only.  The numbers for the example surveys were all made up; however, and attempt was made and minor research was done so that the numbers reflect plausible outcomes.  Please learn the statistical techniques from the examples, but please do not quote the numerical answers as fact.

  • In the second video on c2 goodness of fit, the 500 employees should be looked at as 500 out of a much larger group of grocery employees.  The video indicates that these 500 employees were all the company had, but if there were the case, the test would be inappropriate.  c2 is use for sampling data not census data.


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